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 Frank and Elaine Farina : High Point  NC. 2013 (480)-760-5344
I have did a lot of work for them , Adding cabinets to changing light fixture , remodeling their kitchens with adding cabinets and granite counter tops , adding tile in their bathrooms and laundry room

Mike Mansfield: Greensboro NC. 2012  (336)-580-7321
Did work on one of his houses that he rents to own. That had major termite damages to Living room and Dinning room floor joist and rim joist , Replace 50 foot of rim joist and replace all of the floor joists in this area. regraded the outside area around where the damage was on the house to kept the water away from the house and repaired the retaining wall at the carport area.

Martha Surratt: Thomasville NC 2012  (336)-906-1325
Remodeling her Master bathroom with a new tile , cabinet ,toilet and repair shower and new hardware in bathroom

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Caldwell : Burlington NC 2012 (336)-584-0617
Remodeled thier bathroom, remove old tile and replace with new tile ,Toilet,and sink , adding a new shower door.
Getting ready to remodel thier upstairs bathroom in May 2012

Galen and Kathy Hiott: Lexington NC 2012 (336)-259-3611
Adding a 4 foot addition on thier kitchen, replace back deck and adding screen to the deck, repair termite damage and rotten board around the house, put a new roof and Vinly siding on the house and made small repairs.

Ed and Dawn Lewis: Thomasville 2011 (336)-476-6828
Added a two room addition 14 x 32 with a family room with a beautiful view of there lake behind the house and office for him with hardwood flooring and additional 725 sqft of hardwood flooring thur out the house. Remove the front door and added a beautiful old oak door that I refinished for them.  
Willie Joe and Rebecca Young: Thomasville 2011 (336)-472-1939
This is the second job I did for them, remodled there master bathroom back in 2008 . Did replacement  window threw out the house and remodeled there main bathroom this November 

Martha Surratt: Thomasville 2011
Repair termite and water damages at rear of the house, Replace 25 feet of the rim joist and some of sub-floor in the house from termite and water damages and replace the patio door and  launary room door and lower the deck 4 inches that was to high on the house that may have cause the water damages in the first place

​Mr and Mrs Foster: Thomasville 2011
Repair front porch beam that had water damage. Removed vinyl from around the beam and replace the damages lumber and replace the vinyl back and repair damages vinyl.

Martha Surratt: Thomasville 2010
- Repaired vinyl siding on the front of the house and replaced wooden hand railing with vinyl hand railing.
- Fixed a moisturize problem in the crawl space of the house by fixing the down spout drain from going under the house, fixing the grade around the foundation and putting plastic down to stop the moisturize.


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Jeff and Suzette Peterson: Danials WV 2012
Have work for them over the past few years, doing repairs around the house. The latest job was tile in the launary room and new kitchen sink ,faucet and past years cleaning thier deck, staining and painting the handrails, put crown molding in thur out the house and painting it.

Pat and Tom Mitsoyianis:   Beckley WV 
remodeling their bathrooms one in 2009 and other 2010 adding new cabinets and tile in both

Susan Mills : Coal City WV 2010
remodel their bathroom and going to remodel their other bathroom and kitchen in the spring of 2011. removing old tile and cabinet replacing them with new and painting the room.

Linda Lemon : Daniels WV. 2011
Fixing the punch list around the house that the contractor that built her house in 2007 wouldn't come back to fix and repair

John Parker: High Point NC 2010
Repaired carport wall with new vinyl siding and new screen on the porch after tornado damaged their home. replaced retaining wall that had railroad ties with decorated concrete block.

Scott Hulin : Lexington NC 2010
Replaced back deck and front porch and added a A-frame roof on the front porch

Charles and Deb Mabry : Lexington NC 2007
 Replaced back deck with a screen-in porch and replace the front porch. 

Dax and Nancy Gordon: Thomasville NC 2006
built a new house for them and their family

​Steve and Carol Lawson: Belews Creek NC 2006
Built a new house for them